Can Minor Injuries Lead to Lawsuits?

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Can minor injuries lead to lawsuits? It all depends on the nature of the injury. There are three grades of injury:  grade I, grade II, and grade III injuries.

Grade I Injuries

These include minor tears, strains, and sprains. A grade I injury will heal within a few days. It does not require medical attention. You can still carry out your everyday activities with this kind of injury.

Grade II Injuries

There are partial tears that can cause minor joint instability. The injury might heal on its own over the course of a couple weeks. However, some cases might require surgical intervention.

Grade III Injuries

These are complete tears. Surgery is necessary. There might be an infection. You might take some time to recover from a grade III injury, requiring a sabbatical from work.


In most cases, there can only be compensation if the injury is substantial enough. A lawyer does not have the time to deal with trivialities. Courts usually dismiss trivial injuries. Alternatively, there can be a small compensation. Such compensation will not be enough to compensate for the lawyer’s effort.

Prove Your Injuries Are Substantial

The burden of proof lies with the injured party. If you suffer grade III injuries and you subsequently obtain medical attention, you should ask the doctor to prepare a medical report. This will be admissible in court.

You should also take pictures of the accident scene. If there are accident victims, a lawyer will collect their statements. Contacting the police is necessary in the case of a car accident. The police will prepare a police report that will serve as evidence.

Consider Filing a Claim for Grade III Injuries

You will need to claim for lost income, reimbursement for medical costs, pain, and suffering. A grade III injury will leave you in a lot of pain and either temporarily or permanently disabled.

You should file a claim as soon as possible because there is the statute of limitations. This is a law that limits the period that a personal injury victim can file a claim. In most American states, this period is usually less than two years.

A Manhattan injury lawyer will help you to file a claim. You should immediately contact an attorney after suffering from an injury. The solicitor will deal with all the litigation work.

The negotiation process is the best option. It can take days or weeks and involves fewer complexities and more privacy. Court proceedings usually happen in public. The lawyer will deal with a lot of documentation and processes. A court process can drag on for years, delaying a payout.

The Bottom Line

Personal injury is a reality of life. You can injure yourself. Alternatively, the negligent acts of another person can injure you. Every day, millions of people all over the world usually suffer workplace injuries because of negligent employers. Road accidents are also a primary cause of personal injuries and death.

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